UNITE 2022

* Formerly known as CHIC

Greetings Covenant Friends – welcome to 2022! Covid-19 continues to create difficult situations across North America for large and small groups of people to gather – we are seeing this complication in our churches, in planning for retreats, Covenant Camps, and schools. Even as the denomination-wide Unite event at the University of Tennessee was cancelled for the summer of 2022, we are delighted to announce that several of our Conferences have made Unite-like plans for high school students happening this coming summer.

These events are much more regionally focused, providing easier flexibly to make any and all changes necessary to adjust to the way Covid-19 restrictions may or may not impact that specific community. In addition, it gives leaders easier access to each student’s home community if a Covid-related issue emerges.

Similar to the denomination-wide Unite event, each of these gatherings will build on a Biblical foundation – focusing on Jesus Christ, discipleship and evangelism, fun, Covenant identity and unity, and life transformation.

Thank you to the wonderful regional leaders that are serving each of these efforts! Simply put, we have incredible people investing in our churches and youth. Even if your church is not located in one of the regions listed below, you are still welcome take advantage of one of these wonderful opportunities.

Other conferences are also considering similar events for 2023. Details will be announced as they emerge.

Grace and Peace Friends – and please join me in continuing to pray for youth!


Tim Ciccone
Director of Youth Ministry
The Evangelical Covenant Church Tim.Ciccone@Covchurch.org

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If you are not sure what conference you are in


East Coast Conference


High school students (current grades 8-12) in youth groups from all over the East Coast are invited to come together for UNITE East at Christ in Youth’s MOVE conference at Salisbury University in Maryland, July 25-29, 2022. CIY is excited to partner with the East Coast Conference to help facilitate a Covenant experience within their inter-denominational MOVE conference programming. Covenant churches will be housed together on campus, and we will help connect on travel together for additional fellowship and to keep costs low. Much like CHIC/Unite has been in the past, MOVE is an all-inclusive conference event, with speakers, bands, free time fun, and intentional time for discipleship. 


The Northwest Conference
Canada Conference


UNITE North is a Covenant high school event gathering groups from across the northern US and Canada for worship, connection, and fun. Unite North is happening July 14-17, 2022, at the gorgeous campus of Bethel University in Arden Hills, MN.

Unite North will be four days packed with:

• Evening sessions with dynamic speakers and worship
• Experiential learning experiences on and off-campus that will stretch your faith
• Tournaments and events for athletes and non-athletes
• Small group discussion and personal reflection
• Amazing meals prepped by professional chefs & bakers at the Bethel cafeteria.
• So much more!


Midwest Conference


In place of the historical “CHIC/Unite” event, the Midwest Conference has decided to host a conference-style event for our high school students this summer. For five days, more than 400 students and leaders from around our five-state conference will converge at Arvada Covenant Church in Arvada, Colorado for worship, transformation, and fun. The purpose of ENGAGE is to be a catalyst that inspires Christ-like change, challenges students to see themselves as part of something bigger and inspires them on the journey of following Christ.

Serve Together 2022


Central Conference

Serve Together 2022 - On July 9th, Central Conference Covenant youth will be gathering together at North Park University. This all-day event will be focused on worship, service, and fellowship. Giving the students of the Central Conference an opportunity to come together for a day to build relationships after losing many opportunities to do so over the past year. Building relationships, providing the opportunity for our Central Conference students to explore and serve the city, and engaging with topics focused on discipleship and social justice issues in our region will be the goals of this event. For more information, please email Drew Edstrom at the link below.


Pacific Northwest
Pacific Southwest | Alaska

Unite West is a Covenant High School Event Gathering Groups from Across the West Coast for Worship, Connection and Fun, taking place at Biola University July 18-23, 2022. The event includes evening sessions with dynamic worship and powerful speakers, morning sessions with strong teaching leading into personal and small group times, afternoon activities such as sports tournaments, swimming, seminars, and more. We will be housed in the Biola University Dorms, which includes meals, as well as resources beyond the event.



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